People who believe in the cause

Happy Kyoheirwe


Happy is currently the Director and Founder of Ruhija’s Orphanage and primary school.
She opened the Orphanage 7 years ago to provide the orphans of the village
an opportunity to be educated and to have a better future.
She is a superwoman as she managers 100 kids on her own
with the help of 15 teachers and 5 support staff.

Elisa Corvi


Elisa Corvi is Italian, currently living and working in a multinational company in Dubai.
She travelled to Africa in 2019 and since then she fell in love with this land full of nature and amazing people.
In her free time apart from travelling she loves sports and spending time with her family.


Digital Integrator

DraculApp is the first Italian brand acting as a Digital Integrator. It was founded in Turin in 2008 and its promoters have worked with passion and tenacity in developing mobile applications and in digital marketing.
DraculApp fell in love with this project and decided to join it.